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Saturday, 10/9/2010 - More Cruise Pix? Stop it. New Songs?? That’s crazy talk…

Oh yes my friends – I’m still getting cruise pix in from y’all – very cool – click right to have looksee

Tonight I’m solo style @ Fody’s in Nashua – always an experience -good times w/ the Fody’s Crazies!!

Saturday night – finally back @ The Biltmore in Newton – psyched – HOG WINGS!!! Oh, how I’ve missed you delicious hog wing – oink.

“Chad, when are you putting out a new CD?” How ‘bout never? Is never soon enough for you? Sorry, the smartass in me couldn’t help himself. it’s actually beyond flattering that anyone wants to hear more tunes from me , so thank you very much for asking. I’ve been writing, writing with some friends, and finally recording a few of these ditties. Not sure there will be a CD, but there will definitely be some new songs released on my web site and put on iTunes. Most importantly, I’ve been recording Christmas songs for a new Bundles Of Books CD (all proceeds from the sale of these CD’s go to the Bundles Of Books charity) – so yes, there will be at least one CD coming out within a year – possibly a few tunes for this holiday season.

The new Disturbed CD, Seal, Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Cheryl Crow, a couple of Rush singles released – people ask me what I’ve bought lately to listen to and these are a few CD’s I’m liking (yes, these are CD’s I actually went to the store to purchase – I still like doing that – I’m old). I also like a bunch of the the iTunes radio stations – Ambient (Chillout, Groovera) Jazz (Pat Metheny). This week on Pandora I typed in Pete Yorn and Coldplay – for those of you that don’t know what this web site does – they’ll play whatever artist you type in and then ad other similar artists that you might like – I heard some cool tunes I hadn’t heard before from The White Stripes, Phoenix, and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – fun fun fun!

Enjoy the Fall weather and colors – hope to see you all soon – for my friends already inquiring about next year’s CL Band party cruise: Saturday, August 6th, 2011!



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