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Wednesday, 4/30/2014 - Lisa Guyer Benefit

So, the Lisa Guyer benefit at the palace Theatre was nothing short of AWESOME last night. Fair warning - this will be a bit of a long-assed, love-infused rant, but I was really psyched to be a part of such a great group of people and musicians supporting one of our own and I want to thank everyone that came out and spent there $$ to make Lisa's event a smashing success.

Gardner Berry was a fantastic MC and killed (once again) as front man for the Zeppelin tribute band Four Sticks. Devin Cordeiro confessed his man crush on Tim Theriault during this set (and I admit I may have pee'd little during a couple of his solo's - yep, he's that good - made me pee a little.)

Devin Cordeiro's tribute band to Bob Seger "Beautiful Losers" was outstanding. Devin's vocals are perfect for these tunes and the band was smoking!

The house band!! Really?? Chris Lester, David Stefanelli (one of my favorite drummer on the planet), and my buddy Nate Comp on guitar, bass, and anything else he could find to play was top notch, as always. Throw in the amazing voices of Alli Seney and Kim Riley, Bobby Livingston singing one of his tunes off his new CD (fantastic), Mr. Nick & the Dirty Tricks lead man Nick David absolutely bringing down the house with his voice and stage performance, throw in some phenomenal performances on sax by Mark Belanger and Chris Decato on keys - woah - and the night wasn't close to being done!

Brian Maes gave his usual awesome-as-always performance singing and playing piano - I learned a lot from watching/listening to Brian many years ago, so I was very happy to be in a show with him 20 + years later . Charlie Farren - the same - consummate professional, very entertaining, great vocalist and guitarist - a pleasure to hear him anytime he performs.

The glue before and during the show - this show doesn't happen without Nichole DeClercq and her tireless efforts (plus, like Lisa, she puts up with my obnoxious emails and texts - good sport ). Paul Costley was incredibly helpful backstage make sure things flowed smoothly - there was a lot of crap to deal with including an emergency ambulance visit to pick up a friend backstage who blacked out (true story!!)

So I'm back stage hanging out and a couple of guys come over and say hello - super nice, chatting about people that come to see shows, people we both know, etc. Genuinely nice souls - I hate to say it - I don't know who they are, but I like talking with them. I haven't seen or heard everyone that's playing that night , so I'm excited to see all of the acts. The gents I'm talking to head upstairs and I realize now as they walk onto the stage they're in the band "Fortune" that I've been waiting to see and I've heard such great things about for years. They open with "Long Time" by Boston with THE Barry Goudreau joining them on guitar. Robert Vose is an unbelievable frontman and vocalist, Dickie Paris Jr on drums killed it, Peter J DiStefano on soaring back up vocals and guitars, Lou Spagnola on bass - I CANNOT WAIT to go see them again - unbelievable band - really great group of guys (I'm missing a guitarist - someone tag him, please).

Thank you to everyone in attendance last night - truly special evening!

Oh yeah - Godsmack finished up the night - sweeeeeeeeet!!

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