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Sunday, 8/29/2004 - Reviews

“Chad LaMarsh is one of the most energetic, dynamic and charismatic artists I’ve ever seen. His passion for his art flows out of every chord he pounds out of his guitar, and in every song he crafts…” “It has been a tremendous pleasure working on his solo debut and in seeing such tremendous growth in him as both a prolific songwriter and as a studio musician…” “I see great things happening for Chad in 2003 and beyond!”
Anthony J. Resta (8 time platinum and gold record producer)

“Congratulations, you and your band have achieved what many spend a lifetime merely attempting…”Chad LaMarsh gives live entertainment a very good name.”
Tad Bonvie – Mix 98.5 Boston

“Chad’s on stage performance speaks for itself…he is an incredible musician and performer that has an engaging presence” Joanne Rinaldi – Tsongas Arena

“Chad LaMarsh has that Pied Piper quality, we play his music and women go wild! They hear his music on the radio and want to know where they can see him live. He has been one of the most requested artists by our listeners…he has STAR written all over him”. Jim Clark – APD/Air Talent 106.3 WHOB N.H.

“Chad’s songs are pure, original and delivered with sincere passion and edgy energy…I found his music refreshing and spirited. Chad certainly is a strong performer…he’s comfortable, confident, and very tight musically and in his songwriting.” Debbie Catalano - Soundcheck

“There’s an energy in the air when the band performs…it’s infectious.” “Chad’s percussive approach to playing acoustic guitar often makes people think a full band is playing”. Darlene Grimm – Manchester Union Leader

“LaMarsh grasps a timeless guitar style and has the kind of voice that is impossible to dislike…the lyrics connect the dots to illustrate the story…his genuine charming appeal brings fans back again and again” Christine Welsh - Hippo Press

“His dedicated following draws huge crowds…for many people Chad LaMarsh is the destination all by himself”. “He plays five and six guitars over the course of one performance…it sounds like energy and tremendous force”
Christopher Plamondon - Newport RI Daily News

“Anytime Anywhere was a late night highlight…vocal versatility and exciting guitar work”. “It was hard, if not impossible, not to be swept up in the energy of the music”.
Jay Miller – Patriot Ledger

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