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Thursday, July 3
Chad LaMarsh Band Bacardi Party Cruise ~Aug. 2nd 2014

NEW BOAT - The Provincetown 2 docks at The World Trade Center in So. Boston - Get your tickets soon - the cruise will sell out!!

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Monday, August 16
The 2010 CL Band Bacardi Party Cruise - SOLD OUT

'Tis true - the cruise sold out last month. You might be able to grab a couple on the dock if you show up around 12:30 / 1ish - people get stuck w/ extras last minute. Don't forget about the after cruise party @ The Hard Rock Cafe in Faneuil Hall immediately following the cruise - yes, the CL Band will be playing @ the Hard Rock!!

Thursday, January 22
Chad LaMarsh Band Bacardi Party Cruise date is set!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had an excellent time ringing in the New Year – I’ll get right to it – the CL Band is playing this weekend and the date has been set for the Chad LaMarsh Band Bacardi Party Cruise ~ Saturday, August 8th, 2009! Tix will be available online very soon as well as @ all shows.

A few pics are up from my first show @ Joco’s in Waltham – great night last Friday.

This Saturday @ PINZ in Milford, MA – the Chad LaMarsh Band – the return of Joey Piero on Bass and new guitarist / singer Matt Bowman – psyched for the gig – psyched to play a few new tunes for you, as well!

I found an old recording of “Day Trip”(Anytime/Anywhere Chad LaMarsh CD) rattling around in my iTunes player today – it’s myself on acoustic, Carter Holland on el. Guitar and vocals and Crystal on vocals – it’s a little rough but it’s kinda cool – it’s on the Chad Radio – click on the “Singles” section on the player to hear it.

See you Saturday @ PINZ and Happy New Year once again!


Saturday, December 27
Happy Merry Merry!!!

Happy Holidays my friends – I’ll make this short so as not to keep you from your egg nog!

A huge thank you to all that have donated to Bundles Of Books this year – I have a couple of women’s shelters that I’m still going to get books to over the next week – so if you’d still like to donate you can send a tax-deferred check made out to Bundles Of Books:

Bundles Of Books
c/o Chad LaMarsh
PO Box 5471
Manchester, NH 03108

In tough times like we’re going through right now it’s really wonderful that so many of you donated to these kids getting books for X-mas – thank you thank you!



Thursday, December 18
Thank you from Bundles Of Books!!

Happy Holidays my friends – hope you’ll All survived that crazy ice storm in the Northeast – 4 days without power was not a good time. I won’t beeatch too loud – my neigbor’s down the road STILL don’t have power – bogus. Thanks to my good buddy Moe we stayed warm and none of the pipes burst – yay Moe!!!

I have to cancel my show tonight, unfortunately – worked myself up a nasty lil head cold and my voice sounds like a garbage disposal chewing on forks and spoons – hopefully I’ll be back in the game for Saturday’s show @ The 402 in Easton – check my web site or call the hotline to make sure I’m still playing Saturday afternoon.

Once again, a huge thank you to All that donated to Bundles Of Books this past weekend @ The Vegas Lounge and Murphy’s – you’ll be making many children happy this year with the gift of books!! If you’d like to donate and pick up some sweet x-mas tunes for the holidays

Have a great weekend and be safe in your travels from Holiday party to party – easy on the spiked egg nog!!



Friday, December 5
Bundles Of Books

Happy Holidays to you All!! I hope everyone had an excellent Turkey Day and Feast Gobble!

Tis the Season for Bundles Of Books the charity that buys books for underprivileged kids during the Holiday Season. Were in our 12th year and Ive tried to not ask for any help the past couple of years (although some of you are very thoughtful and send checks and give money anyway thank you thank you!!). Times are rough right now if youve got an extra dollar or two and you see me at a show and can spare it Ill give you a free golden ticket to Heaven! Seriously, a spare buck at a show or you can make a check out to Bundles Of Books (its tax deductible sweet!) , or you can get the Bundles Of Books Holiday CD full of X-mas tunes excellent stocking stuffer 10 bucks and all the money goes to the charity! You can get the CD at all shows or off the web site Merchandise page.

You can send a check to :

Bundles of Books
c/o Chad LaMarsh
PO Box 5471
Manchester, NH 03108

Make sure you make the check out to Bundles Of Books not me.
Help if you can no worries if you cant this year I know money is super tight these days. For a little more info about the charity go to my web site and click on Charity!

Two acoustic shows this week Murphys Tonight in Manchester and Friday night at Fodys in Nashua.

Thanks to you All that came out Saturday to the Derryfield good times!!



Thursday, October 23
Manchester Shows / Newton Show / Something Underground

Happy Fall to you all!! Cool pic of some foliage from earlier this week – snow will be here soon enough….



Played the opening party for The 402 last week (formerly Brennan’s in Easton, MA) great new look and the food was excellent – looking forward to November 8th!

Every Thursday $3 drafts and well drinks @ Murphy’s Tap Room in Manchester, NH – solo acoustic mayhem! Tomorrow night – The Biltmore in Newton – love this place – get the hog wings – outta this world!

The CL Band @ The Derryfield this Saturday – fire eating, chain saw toss, limbo, good wholesome family fun - giddyup!!!

Got to jam with some very cool people from Colorado this past weekend – They’re called Something Underground . I put one of their tunes on my Chad Radio Audio Player (click upper right – go to the Singles page on the player). It’s called “One Fish” – a tributer to Dr. Seuss – one of my favorites! Check them out on Myspace , as well!

Thursday, September 18
Chad LaMarsh Band in Manchester Saturday Night

Howdy friends – short and sweet this week – all ManchVegas shows on the bill (Good ‘ol Manchester, NH)

Tonight - $3 drafts and well drinks all night long @ Murphy’s Tap Room – never a cover!

Saturday Night – the Chad LaMarsh Band @ The Derryfield C.C. A few new tunes for your insane dance partners’ enjoyment (see pic below to see what we mean – crazy solid gold dancing)


No new tunes this week on the Chad Radio – however, I found a very cool version of Toto’s “Africa” by a dude named Andy McKee. I’ve added this tune to my set – but not like this guy plays it – it’s excellent – give it a listen / look-see on YouTube Andy McKee playing “Africa” by Toto

Next Saturday the 27th - all ages show @ The Watertown Faire On The Square - solo acoustic from 2 to 3 p.m. - details on the schedule page of my web site.

Have a great weekend – bring your dancing / drinkin’ shoes Saturday night!!


9/18/2008 - Murphy's Tap Room~ solo Acoustic
Murphy's!! solo acoustic Every Thursday across from the Verizon Wireless Arena

$3 drafts!

9/20/2008 - Derryfield C.C. - Chad LaMarsh Band
The CL Band returns to the Derryfield!!

9/25/2008 - Murphy's Tap Room - solo acoustic
Every Thursday @ Murphy's - across from the Verizon Wireless Arena! 9:30 to 1

$3 drafts!!

Thursday, August 28
Lyrics to "Love Song" by Chad LaMarsh & Missy Johnson

My friend Missy and I have been writing tunes for the past couple of years - a little tougher to do now that she lives in Nashville. Nonetheless, we've finished a few tunes and I really like the rough version we have of a song we recorded on my iPod (very high tech!). Missy singing and me plucking on my acoustic - very rough and raw. Since many of you ask me when I'll put out another record (sorry - CD for you young kids) I REALLY have been writing tunes so I'm doing what I rarely do -posting the first and only recording of our tune "Love Song". Hopefully we'll have a full band recording early next year - my famous last words. You can hear this ditty on the Chad Music player - click on "singles" and look for "Love Song". I also have a few tunes from friends and people that I just like on this player - one of missy's other tunes "Tumbleweed" is also on this player - check out these other artists.

Lyrics to "Love Song" are below ~

Love Song ~ Missy Johnson / Chad LaMarsh 5.30.07

My best friend is making her wedding plans
Flowers and invitations – hiring the band
All for one perfect day
Spend all that money – does it really say I love you anyway?

You and – we’re alive
Perfectly happy
Doing fine
So, why I can’t I…

Write you a love song
Am I feeling so wrong
Out of touch for so long now
That I don’t know how
To write you a love song
Searching far too hard
Trapped in the fear of no one near
Can we live apart

My best friend is making her family plan
Milk bottles, baby blue and Raggedy Ann
Why can’t follow that trend and
Bend my heart around the knot that’ll join us til the end

You and I – we can’t deny
This is a life we set in site
So, why can’t I…


Smile sweetly for the camera
Cut the cake and fake (fain) the laughter
How it would be nice if I meant this
White picket fence will trap us in our skin & make us wonder
What the family needs
What’s in our hearts is what matters

My best friend had it right in the end – but that life, it’s just not right for me

So I’ll write you a love song
It no longer feels wrong
Out of touch for song long now
Gave me time to find out how
To write you a love song
After searching so hard
There is no fear to have you near
I’ve finally let down my guard

Monday, August 29
The Taste Of Boston and Avalon!!

Big shows this month - The Taste of Boston at City Hall Plaza opening for the Gin Blossoms on Saturday Sept. 17th at 2p.m. sharp and the following week I'm at the Phantom Gourmet Food festival playing at avalon from 1 to 3 p.m. Mark your calenders for these food extravaganza's!!!

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