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2017 shows / cruise / David Ortiz!
Crazy gigs this year - a lot of fun! Amazing wedding on the Cape, Party on Lake Winnipesaukee, and playing a BBQ at David Ortiz's house - awesomeness!
Bacardi Party Cruise 2015
Epic cruise this year - so much fun with an awesome group of people!!
Chad LaMarsh Band opening for the Gin Blossoms
Awesome time at Jewel Night Club in manchester, NH opening for the Gin Blossoms! March 22nd, 2015.
Rick Springfield 2/23/2015
I had an awesome time last week opening for the one and only Rick Springfield! Very nice guy, although he was under the weather he still put on a great show. He played a solo "story tellers" style show at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH. Very cool!
CL Band Bacardi Party Cruise 2014
Another awesome day in Boston - rain or shine - doesn't matter - this crew of peep's have a blast - thankful to have them show up every year :)
Palace Theatre w/ Josh Logan Dec. 29th/30th 2023
Awesome 2 nights of shows @ The Palace Theatre - Josh Logan's first headlining shows after returning from NBC's "The Voice" - I was honored to open both shows!
Bundles Of Books recording 2013
We're reprinting the 15th anniversary Bundles Of Books Holiday CD (yes, we sold out!) and adding 3 new tunes! Awesome to have NBC TV's "The Voice" competitor Josh Logan back for a new tune with the fantastic Lisa Guyer singing "Baby IT's Cold Outside". CD should be available in November 2013!
CL Band Bacardi Party Cruise 2013
Aug. 17th was a fantastic day to be on the Provincetown 2 in Boston Harbor - awesome day, awesome people, everyone loved the new boat - can't wait til next year - more pix to come!!
Best Buddies / Laconia Bike Week 2013
A few pix from a couple of great events we played at this Spring / early Summer!
Pix from St. Paddy's, Best Buddies, Spring 2013
Waaaaaay behind adding pix - here's a few from St. Paddy's, Best Buddies Charity event, and a mess of other shows
A few pix from 2013 so far
Great start to the year - opened for John Waite, jammed on a Sex Pistols guitar, new (and much larger) boat for the Bacardi Party Cruise set for August 17th, 2013 - giddyup!
Fall 2012 pix
Bacardi Party Cruise 2012
Another great cruise - awesome weather (ok it was hot as hell - but it was still a blast) - a huge thank you to everyone for making this another super-fun, amazing, and sold out cruise!!!
Really? Seth Meyers from SNL? Laconia 2012
Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live stopped by Shorty's Grill after his Show @ The Bedford High School - a benefit show he did for his Mom's retirement. Laconia Bike Week 2012 Madness @ the Lobster Pound!
March / April pix
Band photos / Best Buddies Fundraiser pix from the Village Manor
2012 - pix for the new year
Just a couple right now - ooohhhhh so many more to come....
Bundles OF Books / Music Mill Holiday Party 2011
Fantastic night @ The Music Mill's 1st Annual Holiday Xmas bash @ The Grand. Josh Logan, Nate Comp, Demetri Papanicolau, and Chad LaMarsh performed songs from the Bundles Of Books newest Holiday CD released in November 2011. Over $800 was raised for Bundles Of Books this evening - huge thank you to Amie Pimenta for all of her hard work and organizing with help from her "elves". A few CL Band shots from December, as well!
October Craziness 2011
Fall Pix
Just a few for now - more to come!!
Bacardi Party Cruise 2011
Awesome day and an awesome time once again - thank you CL Band Bacardi Party cruisers!!!
July 2011
June Pix 2011
Great time @ The Harp - so awesome to see Northeastern alumni @ The show!!! Excellent time @ The Derryfield (as always) full dance floor start to finish - danzoffpantzoff!
April pix 2011
Crazyass dancing @ The Derryfield - more pix to come!
March 2011
Great 1st night @ Angry Hams Garage - psyched to return there this Friday night (3/11/11) Craziness @ The Derryfield, as always : )
February 2011
Good times @ The Tanner Tavern to start the month - bunch of pix of the CL Band @ The Harp President's Day weekend
Happy New year!!
A few pix from January's shows - more to come...
December 2010
Fantastic end to the year - The 6th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was a huge success for Bundles Of Books and the Make a Wish Foundation - 400 people plus mid- week in a snow storm proved to be a pretty good time - thank you Eric Snyder for many excellent pix and Santa aka: Mike Koutrobis! My last 3 shows of the year - opening for "America's Got Talent" Finalists Recycled Percussion - sold out shows - RAWK!
October November 2010
A few pics from the Derryfield in October and the Halloween party @ Family Pizza
Bacardi Party Cruise pix 2010
What an absolute blast - may have been the best cruise ever - why? I don't know - the stars aligned just right, I guess. Awesome group of people - great weather - excellent after-cruise party spot - The Hard Rock Cafe - fun fun fun fun fun!
Some Summer pix 2010
Here there and everywhere!
June 2010
A couple of pix from my Show w/ Recycled Percussion 6.5.2010
More May Pix
Awesome weekend of shows solo and CL Band!! Had A blast @ Family Pizza Friday night and Saturday was most excellent @ City Side in Woonsocket, RI!!
May Shows
A few pics from the crazies @ The Harp and The Derryfield
Fody's February 2010
What an awesome night - we had a blast @ Fody's this eve - looking forward to March 19th!! A few pics from The Led Zep tribute band I play in (I play bass!!) we did a set for the Wounded Warriors Fundraiser in Manchester NH a coupla weeks ago.
Chad promo shirts
I found several promo shirts in the closet from the past 15 years - I still have people to this day tell me they have a shirt from the 90's or early 2000's still in their drawers or closets - here's a few that I found.
Winter pix 09
Boston Nightlife Awards hosted by Dirty Water TV
Awesome night - we were the house band for the event and we had a blast - many celebs in attendance - more pics to come!!
Fall Pics
Started taking some pics @ the beginning of September - many friends from the old days (that means the 90's : ) )
Chad LaMarsh Band Bacardi Party Cruise 8/8/09
Perfect weather for our sold out annual party cruise - magical, I tell you!! 500 peep's having an awesome time w/ Boston as our backdrop - more photos to be added over the next few weeks!
Summer pix 09
Prism Concert - Somers, CT 3/26/09
On March 26th I was very fortunate to be the guest artist for the day @ Somers High School in Somers, CT. I was invited into a few of the music classes this day to hold work shops and master classes to discuss the music business, performance, song writing, recording, and whatever questions the students may have for me. That evening there was a student band performance showcasing the music of Billy Joel and Elton John. I performed an acoustic set of originals, covers, and performed with a very talented group of Somers high school students, as well. Thank you Joan Machacek and thanks to Jon Schiessl for the pics!
May Pics
Craziness @ The Derryfield CC and the Black Brimmer!
April pics
March pix 2009
still trying to figure out the new camera - more pix up by the end of the month
February Pics 2009
Finally got a new camera just before the Valentines show in Manchester!
First pics of 2009
Great first night @ Joco's in Waltham!!
December Pics
November Pics
October Shows
Murphy's in Manchester ~ Clarke's Reunion @ Natalie's surprise b-day party
September shots
Party Cruise 2008
AWESOME DAY ON THE HARBOUR!!!! Soooo many pics - I'll be adding new ones every couple of days - you guys are awesome for sending me so many of your pics - I've sifted through well over 500 since Sunday - thank you!!
August 2008 pics
July photos 2008
Some craziness @ the Derryfield, and some old friends hanging out @ Murphy's on Thursday's!
June Photos 2008
End of the month photos (May 2008)
Great times @ Murphy's, Castaway's, and the Derryfield - thank you all that sent me pics!!
Murphy's Tap Room - Thursday nights
Great time last night - It' hanging out - tearin' it up on the dance floor
May Pics
April pics
Sorry - slackin' with the camera - a pic w/ Bert from The Used - very cool dude!
Overtime Sports Bar in Beverly, MA
Great first night @ Overtime Sports - thanks to everyone that ventured out!!
Brennan's - March '08
Fun time Saturday night - Janet had a great 30th b-day party - Lisa from the Grinning Lizards got up and sang with me and we all just had a great time in general - thanks to all that came out!!
March Photo's 2008
Awesome time @ The Derryfield March 1st!!
Murphy's and Brennan's February '08
Awesome time my first night @ Murphy's - craziness @ Brennan's on Saturday - Ground Hog Day party goers...
Peep's, Trophies, shirts!
A few pics from the last months of 2007
Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover
Chad, Ty and Crystal - Extreme Home Makeover in NH late October '07
Party Cruise Pics Part 2
Mucho thank you's to everyone that continued to send in pics from this Summer's Party Cruise - awesome time had by all!!
Paradise Beach Club 8/07
Awesome time up @ Weirs beach, NH!!
Party Cruise 2007
Unbelievable weather!! Awesome day with great friends from all over the country flying in for the cruise and are buddies Tigerlily tore it up on the boat!!
Coupla pics...
Brimmer 1/18
This ended up being an awesome night - lotsa dancin', and lotsa friends gettin' up to sing with Justin and I!
New Year's 2006/2007
Awesome time @ Jillian's in Manchester, NH this year - thanks to everyone that came out and made our first New Year''s in Manchester a HUGE success!!
Pics from November 06
Random pics from October
The Place - Sunday nights, The Brimmer in Manchester, and a few other joints...
Photos from August
A few shots that have been sent to me in the last few weeks I wanted to share - thanks to all that taken time to send me these pics!
The Brimmer, Irish Times, & The Place
Good dance party weekend all around!
The Place 7.23.06
Great night last Sunday @ The Place - Clarke's buddies and TV stars - what more do ya want?!
Thursday 7.20.06 @ The Bl. Brimmer
Always a good time!
Party Cruise 2006 - 6.24.06
What an awesome time this year! I had several "veteran" party cruisers tell me that this was the best one yet - I'll be adding more pics over the next couple of weeks - if you have some to share send them to me @ - huge thank you's to all that attended this year and to all that have sent pics in!!
Martini's 6.29.06
Great to be back in Norwood and some new friends from this year's Party Cruise were on hand!
Brennan's and The Brimmer!
Had a great time, as always, at Brennan's! Got to sit in with my favorite local band, Tigerlily, Saturday night - if you haven't seen them you must you must!!
Brennan's 4/28/06
Great crowd @ Brennan's - my buddy Tom from Seattle was out for the show (we miss you Nancy).
Black Brimmer 4/20/2006
The Beachcomber, Greatest Bar, Martini's
The Greatest Bar,Brimmer, Irish Times, The Place
Many pics from 3/23 through 3/26!
The Greatest Bar & Martini's 3/15-16/06
The Place 3/12/06
Sunday got wild - I wish I took more pics. Definitely a full moon - Cliff was working, sober, and incredibly coherent, and Brendan was not! Thanks to Scott Damgaard and paul for singing Damien Rice tunes - awesome job!
More pics from the Place
Love this room - excellent, excellent martini's (125 to choose from) and very comfortable to hang out in!
Sunday River and The Place - President's Day wknd.
the Band had an awesome time, once again, up at the Matterhorn - thank you Roger, Greg and the entire Great Grizzly staff! Sunday night @ The Place was nuts - I hope to get more pics up soon - thanks to Tish from the kicka$$ band Tigerlily for sitting in with me!
The Place 1/29/06
I need to take more pictures on nights like these!! This guitar and singing thing really gets in the way.... B-day soiree's, Steve Levy from ESPN hanging out, my buddie's Scott Damgaard and Paul helping me sing through the night - next week - Super Bowl Party!!! Come early, get your feast ON and hang out after the game to sing and dance!!
Black Brimmer 1/19/06
Always a good time - more pics to come in the next day or so...
The Greatest Bar, The Derryfield, and The Place!
Great week of shows - Wednesdays @ The Greatest Bar will be an awesome time this Winter and Spring with The CL Band, the Derryfield is always a gret time, and The Place was crazy last night - more pics to come in the next day or two..
Matterhorn / Great Grizzly
Awesome time @ The Great Grizzly up @ Sunday River this past weekend - we're doin' it again February 18th, so grab your ski's!!
The Derryfield 12/10/2005
Awesome to be in Manchester once again!! Great night - lots of fun and a huge thank you to everyone that threw money in the basket for Bundles Of Books (thank you Mizz Sauer - very generous!!) Happy Holidays!!
Black Brimmer 12/01/05
Excellent time at the Brimmer - A want to thank everyone for the generosity in donating to "Bundles Of Books" charity last night - over $150 from you all throwing money in the bucket - thank you thank you!!
Turkey Day weekend 2005!
Had a great time @ Maxamillian's (forgot the camera) Awesome time w/ the Band @ The Irish Times and an excellent time @ The Place - hope you all had a fantastic and safe Turkey Day!!
Brennan's and the Place 11/18 and 11/20 2005
There was a show @ The Colonial Tavern in Plymouth, MA - it was packed and I DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES - not so smart - but it was packed and we all had a great time. here's a few pics from the other two shows this past weekend
The Attic and The Place
Thanks to all that came out to see the CL Band at The Attic and a great time was had by all at The Place - great to see the old Clarke's crew and Ashley's B-day clan!!
Derryfield C.C. 11/5/05
Hanscom Airforce Base / Kitty O'Shea's 10/05
Pretty awesome to play in front of the flag that size! Good times at Kitty's
The Place / Brennan's 10/15 - 10/16
Not as many pics as I wanted, but I had a great time both nights!!
The Place / The Brimmer October 2005
The Irish Times 9/24/05
The CL Band's first trip to Woostah! Thank you to our friends from Albany for making the trek to see us!
Pics from the Taste of Boston - Gin Blossoms pics
Main St. Bar and Grille & Food Fest @ Avalon!
Still waiting for a few more pics - thought I 'd throw a few up right now. Had a great time Friday at Main St. in Weymouth (thank you to Sherry and her friends for woopin' it up w/ me). Playing Avalon was awesome - I'll have many more pics up later in the week!
Taste Of Boston 2005 w/ the Gin Blossoms
The weather turned out dry and the show rolled on!!! Thank you so much to all that travelled down from NH and all over MA to see us play at City Hall Plaza in Boston - we had a blast!!! These are just the first 7 pics i uploaded - many more to come, so keep checking this gallery often!
McFadden's 9/13/05
I had an awesome time in Providence - happy anniversary Shawn! Thanks to all that came down Tuesday night!
Brimmer and Brennan's September 2005
A few few pics from early this month
More pics from th cruise...
They keep rolling in - so I'm gonna keep posting 'em!! Thank you to all that have sent pics and discs of pics!
Billy's - Manchester 8/18/2005
A few pics from the outdoor show at Billy's
Riverfront Bar and Grille - Albany
Great show to end the Summer in Albany - many thanks to all that came out!
Black Brimmer in Manchester - August 4th
Real Real Hot!! Great night, as always!!
Party Cruise 2005!!
Great time on the cruise - perfect weather - great after-cruise party!! Here's some pics with more to be added...
The Black Brimmer - July 2005
A whole woppin' 2 pics - sorry - it was a crazy night and I couldn't stop to take pics.
A few picks from June 2005
Brimmer, Brennan's, and The Place
Irish Times in june 2005
End of May pics
Here's a few pics from different venues from the past coupla weeks!!
The Place - May 2nd, 2005
The only probem here was I didn't have enough time to take pictures! Angela and Amanda turned 21 with their friends on hand and we all had an awesome time.
Brewery Lane Tavern - 4/30/05
Another fantabulous Eve at the Brewery Lane - Many thanks to everyone that donated to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation!
Brennan's Blackthorne Tavern 4/23/05
I LOVE THIS PLACE!! had a great time - excellent room, great food - awesome crowd!! Thank you to Steve and the Brennan crew - can't wait to play at Brennan's again!!
The Greatest Bar 4/21/2005
Excellent time This past Thursday - Friends from Albany, Kelly's B-day, and dancing on the bar - need we say more...
Patriot's Weekend Sunday @ The Place
I'm not in the pics - but I made it on the TV ( must've been off walking around behind the bar or something - minstral style, yo!) Dance floor was crankin' - warming up for their 109th marathon the next day - riiiiiiight...
The Black Brimmer, Paddy O's, and The Attic
Great night once again at The Black Brimmer in Manchester, NH. A huge thank you to everyone that made it to The Attic Friday night to see the Chad LaMarsh Band play tunes from "It's About Time" and "Anytime/Anywhere". Thank you to the ladies that travelled from all over NH to make it to the show! And thank you to NovaKane for sharing the stage stage with us!
Ther Irish Times and The Place 4/9 - 4/10
Woostah and Boston weekend!!
Easter Weekend 2005
Great to be back in Albany - missed you guys!! The Place was an awesome time last night - thank you guys!!
The Greatest Bar
Hoops are in full swing and the Greatest was crankin' this past Thursday (3/23). thanks to the Bridgewater Crew for tearing up the dance floor!
St. Paddy's Weekend
A great time had by all at The Grand Canal and The Place - survivor's of St. Patrick's Day in Boston Thursday and the Southie Parade Sunday afternoon!
St. Patrick's Day @ The Greatest Bar
Awesome time Thursday for St. Paddy's Day madness!!
Main St. S. Weymouth, MA 3/11/05
Great to back at Main Street Bar and Grill - thanks Chris D.!!
The Brimmer 3/10, Thr Greatest Bar, and the BLT
A few photos I didn't want to slip through the cracks from the past week and a half - enjoy!
Sunday River - Matterhorn Ski Bar 2/19/05
February Shows Woostah, The Place, and Manchester!
The Place W/ the Brewery Lane Tavern Crew 1/30/05!
Jan. 30th was a great Sunday night - awesome crew of regulars came out in full force (and it didn't snow for once!!) and our friends from The Place's sister bar, The Brewery Lane Tavern in Portsmouth NH came down and had a great time - next week - Super Bowl Bash!!!!
Sunday @ The Place 1/16/2005
Had an awesome night - many faces from the past! Lots of dancing and a great time had by all!
Sunday Night @ The Place 1/2/05
We had a great first Sunday of the year - furry boots on the bar, bartenders on the bar, and New England Patriot Cheerleader's dancing and showing off their Super Bowl rings. Ahem - 2001 Super Bowl rings (Bob Craft is ultra-classy hooking up everyone in the organization!)
Sunday Night @ The
The Place 12 / 19 / 04
Annual Bundles of Books Wrapping Night - 12/15/04
Special thanks to the management and staff at Borders Books and Music Cafe' in Nashua NH for making us feel so welcome as we selected and wrapped books for over 290 children this year !! This album contains pictures of new friends and old friends of all ages that donated their time to give the gift of reading to an underpriviledged child this season.
The Place 12 / 12 / 04
McGeary's November 2004
The Big Dog Sports Zone 11/5/04
Chad LaMarsh Band @ The Lion's Den, NYC 10/2/04
Brewery Lane Tavern Halloween Party
Transworld Entertainment Instore Tour 2003-2004
As an official Localeyez Artist with Transworld Entertainment Corporation, Chad performed live at FYE's and Strawberries locations throughout NH, MA, VT, NY and CT in the fall of 2003 and winter/spring of 2004. This galleries contains pictures of new AND old fans of all ages !!
The Place Beach Party Cruise 2004
The Archive
Take a trip down memory lane... Chad LaMarsh w/ The Goo Goo Dolls The Rack - Boston MA National Anthem - Fleet Center - Boston MA National Anthem - Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester NH Chad LaMarsh w/ Sully of Godsmack
Borders Books & Music Cafe'
Mohegan Sun
February 2004
The Paradise - Boston MA
The Chad LaMarsh Band (Chad LaMarsh/Steve Dionne/Michael Bistany/Joey Piero) perform at the Emergenza Festival @ the Paradise in Boston
Chad LaMarsh Party Cruise 2004
Summer Cruise 2004

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